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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is dentistry aimed at creating a positive change to your teeth and to your smile.

3 cosmetic teeth whitening 1.jpg
Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening lightens teeth and helps to remove stains  and discoloration. Whitening is among the most popular cosmetic dental procedure because it can improve look of your teeth.

3 cosmetic laminates 4.png
Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are wafer thin ,custom made shells of tooth colored materials designed to cover the front surface of teeth to improve your smile.

3 cosmetic inlay 2.jpg

Now a days , INLAYS / ONLAYS are common preference over traditional Amalgam fillings.  Many people are choosing to replace their old fillings with natural and tooth colored inlays and onlays for esthetic reason. INLAYS / ONLAYS are type of material which are placed inside or over the surface of a decayed or damaged tooth. 

3 cosmetic toth jewellary 5.jpg

Tooth jewelry is the advance trend to add a sparkle to your dazzling  pearly  teeth. Fixing a diamond on your tooth is non- invasive and painless. It does not require any special maintenance , it can be removed or replaced anytime and has no effect on tooth enamel

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